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Natalie’s Sauna Massage & Escort Agency

A Rates

A list of prices on our services are listed here' For our in call out call's domination fantasy role play fetish!

In Calls: 6.a.m-10.p.m

  • Facilities: Sauna. Shower. Sun-Shower

Service Type: Massage. Personal Services.

  • Adult Fun. Adult Entertainment.
  • Domination Fantasy. Role-play. Fetish​


Personal Services

£40 (15 min) Adult Fun
£50 (20 min)  Adult Fun
£60 (25 min) Adult Entertainment
£70 (30 min) Adult Fun + Entertainment
£20 (in time) + Each extra add on



£60-£100 30min Tie Tease + Domination
£110-£190 1Hr Tie tease + Domination
£20 (in time) + Each extra add on

In Calls: 10.p.m-6.a.m

  • Facilities: None

Service Type: Personal Services

  • Adult Fun. Adult Entertainment


Personal Services

£40 (15 mins) Adult Fun
£50 (20 mins) Adult Fun
£60 (25 mins) Adult Entertainment
£70 (30 mins) Adult Entertainment 
£20 (in time) + Each extra add on

Out calls: 24-7 

  • Bookings have to be 2 hours in advance
  • Have to be booked threw the business line
  • No txt or calls to the mobile for out calls

​Service Type: Massage. Personal Services

  • Adult Fun. Adult Entertainment​


Personal Services

£90 (30 mins) local only Adult Entertainment
£170 (60 mins) Adult Entertainment 
£240 (90 mins) Adult Entertainment
£70 (extra 30 mins) Adult Entertainment 
£10-£20-£30 Transport both ways
  • Price" will differ for transport fees

We only do 30 mins out call if local, we any farer is hour minimum, please do not book only 30 mins if any farer, as no refunds are given with out good reason with a exceptional explanation​.


  • Sauna. Sunbed. Showers
  • Relaxing Body Massage
  • Personal Services
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Domination. Fantasy. Roleplay. Fetish
  • Photos & Videos
  • Video Chat. Phone Chat. Txt Chat

And much more at: Natalie’s Sauna!

Pay by:

  • Cash
  • Card
  • Sum Up
  • Contactless
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Pay Online
  • Bank Transfer


  • Vouchers. Calendar. Pay up front.