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smoke fetish

A smoke job is what a smoke fetish is all about, give it a try, you'll be surprised to see what you've been missing, see what all the fuzz is about, if you dare. It's a horny, rampant feeling and ever so sexy, seeing a beautiful woman blowing smoke all over your body, why being caressed and heavenly touched having a smoke fetish? what more could you want why having your massage?

You. don't have to be a smoker to enjoy a smoke fetish, the thoughts good enough and the best is yet to come, you'll have the best time ever. Now see which masseuse you want, then pop yourself along for some smoking hot fun, please make sure you check the masseuse smokes first, as not all do.

more info

  • Some masseuses do a smoke fetish for all smoking lovers
  • Slowly seducing you why having a sensual massage, smoking their cigarette, sensually blowing smoke up and down your body, why having your body massaged, this will be pure delight, giving you a mind-blowing experience.
  • A wonderful experience with a turn on like no other. a pleasure with enjoyment galore is what you'll receive having a red hot, smoking hot? smoking fetish.