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Not Long Now

Not long now, we will be back open on Monday at 2.p.m, can not wait

2 weeks left

not long now

Webcam for a week

I will be doing webcam and phone chat from Friday for a week get on this

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Sorry guys no webcam or phone chat this weekend, as you all no i lost my beautiful sister Julie on 30th November, after a few weeks battle in a coma with corona. Well we have now lost her fiancé John on Tuesday. Rest peacefully John now your with the love of your life Julie, my angel in the sky. I'm…

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Webcam weekend on adultwork again this week, get on line to get booking. special prices for anyone whos seen chloe on webcam before

Webcam weekend

Chloe and Zoe available weekend next for webcam/phone chat again. Don’t forget to get booking on AdultWork or ring the mobile to arrange!

Lock down is too much

Wish this lock down would hurry up and be over with, becoming a joke now, ye we need to look after ours self but still its dragging now

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