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Natalie’s Sauna Massage & Escort Agency


You can just turn up. “BUT” We cannot promise there will not be a wait; if there is a reason why we can not get the door, you will have to call back. If you book in advance we make sure this does not happen as booking are priority.

If it’s a pacific masseuse you’re wanting it’s best to check as there could be a last minute rota change due to good reasons. You can ring the business line and check to make sure she’s on rota for when you want to visit us.

Sun 24 Sep-Sun 01 Oct

SUN SophieSammy-LilyLily-Maya
MON MayaZoe-SammyBella-Lily
TUE LilySophie-MayaSammy-Maya
WED ZoeBella-TbaSophie-Lily
THUR SophieSammy-LilyBella-Maya
FRI BellaMaya-TbaSophie-Sammy
SAT SammyBella-LilyBella-Lily
SUN MayaSophie-TbaSophie-Sammy


Book by calling the business line or use the booking form and make sure to pay up front with at the least 2 hours notice. We also do walk ins ”But” bookings will be our priority. If you don’t pay in advance with the 2 hours up front, we can not take a booking or chance a walk in.

Out calls must be paid up front and can only be arranged on the business line; 01253 295557